The Best Eco Home Improvements

Building an eco home from scratch might be an undertaking too expensive for many people. You can turn your old house into an eco-friendly dwelling by applying a few improvements. Some of them don’t cost a lot and can be done by you.

Review the Heating System

The Best Eco Home ImprovementsIs your heating system efficient? Old furnaces and gas boilers are very bad for the environment and cost a fortune to keep the house warm. Although a modern eco-friendly heating system can cost a fortune, many countries have set up grants to encourage people to go green. Check what grants and benefits are available in your country. Installing a modern boiler or replacing an old furnace with a corn stove can cut your heating bill by half.

When upgrading the heating system, it’s a good time to install an intelligent thermostat so that you can keep a steady temperature and reduce the costs even further.


Insulating the house is very important. As far as eco home improvements go, the most important thing to insulate is the loft. Incidentally, it’s also the easiest place to insulate. The attic is normally easily accessible and you can conveniently lay out the insulation rolls. It’s important to use an eco-friendly insulation material such as sheep’s wool, for example.The Best Eco Home Improvements

Windows and Doors

There’s a huge difference between conventional windows and modern models. If you choose double glazed or even triple glazed windows, you can cut the heat loss from the surface of the windows by up to 50pc. The same applies to doors. Check the doors for gaps: If found, you can buy a rope or a rubber strip to treat the gaps.

The Best Eco Home ImprovementsAnother source of heat loss often overlooked by people attempting eco home improvements is the garage doors. If the garage is integrated within the house and the garage door is not insulated, you’ll lose massive amounts of heat.

Thermal Envelope

Look at your house as an envelope covering the living space. Does it have any cracks or faults? Some houses have openings under the roof. Even the smallest crack or opening can leak heat. Another big heat drain is the letterbox and keyholes. Again, almost every DIY shop or eco building store has simple gadgets in stock that will help you seal the house properly.

Green Energy

The Best Eco Home ImprovementsNow that you’ve eliminated all the sources of heat loss, your eco-friendly house needs green energy. Solar panels and wind turbine are the two most affordable options.

The Best Eco Home ImprovementsThere are feed-in tariffs available in many countries meaning that the government will pay you to generate green energy. Make the most of it while it lasts.

Applying these eco home improvements tips you can save money and make your house eco-friendly and cozy.

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The Best Eco Home Improvements